$ales Jobs


Hiring is hard, hiring a Sale Professional is even harder.

There are many listing services available. You place an ad and hope to get a response. Once you receive a response, half of the applicants have no recollection of responding to the ad nor do they have the qualifications.

The other way is to waste hours by purchasing access and searching though 100's if not 1000's of resumes to find a rep, without knowing any real information about the candidate. Not knowing if they are still looking, interested, or the salary expected.

$alesJobs provides a simple and cost-effective solution to locating sales professionals for your business. Unlike the competition, $alesJobs uses a powerful database engine to match YOUR NEEDS with sales candidates abilities, just like a dating site.

Once your requirements are matched with a sales professional in your selected area, we will inform the candidate. Based upon their continued interest, you will be given their profile information, at which point you can select them for an interview or the next step in your hiring process.

It is that simple.